There are many reasons you should conduct Penetration Testing regularly.

With cyber-attacks on the rise, it’s essential you identify and remediate vulnerabilities as early as possible. Penetration Testing is one of the most effective security strategies to help you find and fix weaknesses in your network and applications.

It’s all about making life harder for potential attackers.

In this issue of Blue Team Insider, we continue our deep dive into Penetration Testing by exploring some of the differences between Unauthenticated and Authenticated methodologies. We also provide a guide on selecting the right Penetration Testing provider.

All this in addition to our Monthly Security Report outlining recent threats and recommended mitigation strategies.

Enjoy reading.

Unauthenticated vs Authenticated Pen Testing

Unauthenticated vs Authenticated Penetration Testing. What’s right for you?

Building a strong security perimeter can prevent outside attack. But what if the attacker is already inside? 


9 Tips for Selecting a Penetration Testing Provider


All Pen Testers are the same right? WRONG. This guide helps you select the right Pen Tester to meet your specific needs.


Shearwater Security Report  |  September 2019

Shearwater Security Report | September 2019

Roundup of the latest security breaches, along with the mitigation strategies you need to stay safe.

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